As the fourth state of matter, plasma exists widely in stars, interstellar space, upper air ionosphere of earth, laboratories, commercial applications, and even our daily lives. From low temperature plasma to high temperature plasma, from space plasma to fusion plasma, from laser plasma to Z-pinch plasma, plasma physics and technology contain rather rich research topics and find wide applications nowadays. Plasma physics plays one of the key roles to advancing our knowledge of our universe.

    Aiming at the research frontiers of plasma physics, technology and their potential applications, the Institute for Plasma Studies (IPS) was founded in the physics department, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), in 2007.

    Currently, the research interests are laser-plasma physics and low temperature plasma physics & technology, which cover inertial confinement fusion energy, novel particle accelerators based on laser-plasma interaction, novel radiation source technology, numerical stimulation of intense laser-plasma interaction, plasma-assistant nano-technology, ultrafast electron diffraction technology and applications.

     As the main contributors, IPS faculties have be awarded the prize of the National Natural Science of China (2nd class), the Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    The IPS research work is currently supported by National Basic Research Program of China (or 973 Project), National High-Tech ICF Committee, and National Natural Science Foundation. International cooperation partners come from USA, Europe, Japan, and India.

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