Plasma Polymers and Industrial Applications

Posted August 30, 2010

Professor R. dí»Agostino
Department of Chemistry, University of Bari,

Time: 1:30pm, September 1, 2010
Place: Room 616
Title: Plasma Polymers and Industrial Applications

Abstract: In our laboratories we have set several processes which can be used for industrial applications, ranging from corrosion protection of metals and vapor barrier properties of polymers, to nano structured polymers suitable for different industrial areas, such as low friction boats, anti-ice cables and plane wings, anti-reflective optical surfaces with self-cleaning or anti-fog features, cell culturing and tissue engineering. Other appealing nano materials which will be presented include nano-metal clusters in polymer matrices for applications ranging from catalysis and fuel cells to anti-bacterial coatings.

Riccardo dí»Agostino CV
Professor of Chemistry and director of Department of Chemistry, University of Bari, Italy, í»94-í»96 e í»01-í»03
2010 - in charge of the Regional Industrial Laboratory of Plasmas (LIPP)
2009 Fellow of the International Plasma Chemistry Society
2004- president of the spin off company Plasma Solution
2004- editor in chief of Plasma Processes and Polymers (Wiley-VCH), impact factor 2010, 4.04
1996-2003 Editor in chief of Plasma and Polymers, Kluwer-Verlag
2007 Plasma Chemistry Award of the International Society of Plasma Chemistry, Kyoto
1996 Avogadro-Minakata award of the Chemical Society of Japan
1989-1991, President of Committee of Plasma Chemistry of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).
Director of IUPAC schools of Cold Plasmas in Bejing (1997), Prague (1999), Orleans (2001), Taormina (2003), Toronto (2005).
President of:
Plasma Surface Engineering 2008 (PSE2008), Garmisch- Partnechirchen, sept. 2008
16th Int. Symposium on Plasma Chemistry, ISPC-16 , Taormina 2003
9th Int. Symposium on Plasma Chemistry, ISPC-9, Pugnochiuso 1989
Plasmas and Polymers, ACS, S. Francisco 1996
Plasma Deposition and Treatments of Polymers, MRS, Boston 1998
NATO ASI on Plasma Treatments and Deposition of Polymers , Acquafredda di Maratea 1996

  • Scientific Backgound: Cold plasma processes for industrial processes in microelectronics and polymer modifications, plasma diagnostics, plasma etching, PE-CVD. plasma treatment and grafting, 2D and 3D tissue engineering, biomaterials
  • Author of 250 papers in international ISI journals, 13 International Patents, editor of? 7 books, 6 proceedings of international congresses.


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