Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Xuhui Campus is located in the west part of the city. The detailed address is: 1954 Hua Shan Road, Shanghai, 200030.

There are two international airports in Shanghai, one is Hong Qiao, the other is Pu Dong. Each of them has 2 terminals (T1 and T2).

Hong Qiao Airport (SHA) is close to the downtown area, by taxi to the SJTU Xuhui campus is around RMB 50 (~8$).

Pu Dong Airport (PVG) is far away from the downtown, and usually it will take one-hour drive to the Xuhui campus. If taking taxi, it will cost about RMB 150 (~25$). There are also shuttle buses running between the Pudong airport and the downtown. You can take Bus Line 3 (RMB 18) to Xu Jiahui, which is a large commercial center near the Xuhui campus (Xuhui and Xujiahui are two different names of the same place, people often call Xu Jiahui as Xuhui for short).

We highly recommend you to take a taxi, since it is very convenient from each airport and each terminal. The text in Chinese downloaded here can help the taxi driver bring you to hotel at any time.

A 3D map around the SJTU Xuhui Campus (Updated October 2, 2010)

Please click here to download the high-resolution map (about 2M)

Tips: Please note that the Bule Line shows you the nearest way between SJTU Xuhui Campus and Hengshan Picardie Hotel.


A 2D map of SJTU Xuhui Campus

Please Click Here to download a high-resolution 2D Xuhui Campus map

A 2D map around the SJTU Xuhui Campus

Please click here to download the high-resolution 2D map (about 1M)


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