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About the Special Issue of the Journal of Plasma Physics

Dear Friends,

The special issue of the Journal of Plasma Physics devoted to papers presented at the Laser-Plasma accelerator Workshop 2011 will be published.  The received papers will go through a usual peer review process before they can be accepted for publication.

      Submitted  papers should be new results rather than progress reports/ review

      Both theory and experimental papers are welcome

      Please submit your paper before September 30, 2011 through the journal website: journals.cambridge.org/pla

Thank you for your participation.


Chan Joshi, Wei Lu, Zheng-Ming  Sheng



June 16, 2011, Notice:
Please download the related materials for LPAW11 from the following links.
They are the final version.

LPAW11 Instruction (click here to download)
LPAW11 Daily Schedule (click here to download)
LPAW11 Program (click here to download)
LAPW11 Poster Session (click here to download)


Workshop program summary:

The workshop will take place at Shanghai on June 19-20th and Wuzhen on June 21-24th.  

Venue for LPAW2011:

l  Academic Activities Center, SJTU Minhang Campus, Shanghai (AAC, SJTU)

l  Multifunction Room, 8th Floor, Information Tower, SJTU Minhang Campus, Shanghai (MRIT, SJTU)

 l  Multifunction Hall, Tong An Hotel, Wuzhen (MH, TAH)

l  Conference Room #9, Tong An Hotel, Wuzhen (CR9, TAH)

l  Conference Room #11, Tong An Hotel, Wuzhen (CR11, TAH)

l  Zhaoming Tavern, Wuzhen (ZMT) 

Schedule highlight for LPAW2011:

n  June 19    13:30-20:00     Registration and Reception & Dinner at AAC, SJTU

n  June 20   08:00-17:30     Workshop Opening and Lightning Round Talks at MRIT, SJTU

19:00-20:30     Departure to Tong An Hotel, Wuzhen

n  June 21    08:30-12:30     Lightning Round Talks at MH, TAH

14:00-16:00     WG2: CR9, TAH;      WG4: CR11, TAH

16:00-17:30     Poster Session I, Corridor of CR9, TAH

17:30-21:00     Banquet and Dawson Prize at ZMT

n  June 22    08:30-12:30     WG1: CR9, TAH;      WG3: CR11, TAH

Afternoon         Excursion

n  June 23    08:30-10:10     WG2: CR9, TAH;      WG4: CR11, TAH

10:30-12:10     WG2: CR9, TAH;      WG1: CR11, TAH

14:00-15:30     Poster Session II, Corridor of CR9, TAH

16:00-17:30     WG2: CR9, TAH;      WG1: CR11, TAH

17:30-18:30     WG3: CR9, TAH;      WG4: CR11, TAH

n  June 24    08:30-10:30     Summary and Workshop Closing at MH, TAH

13:00-14:30     Back to AAC, SJTU, Shanghai

WG1: Laser plasma electron acceleration

WG2: Radiation generation and application

WG3: Laser-driven ion acceleration

WG4: Plasma wakefield acceleration and computational methods


Dear friends,

We would like to announce that the Laser and Plasma Accelerator Workshop 2011 (LPAW 2011) will be held from June 20 to 24 in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province of China, which is located about 120km from Shanghai (http://www.wuzhen.com.cn/wuzhen.eng/about.html). This workshop is part of a very successful series of international workshops that started in 1987 in Malibu. Since then, the workshop has been held in Asia and in Europe (Kardamyli, Kyoto, Presqu’ile de Giens, Portovenere, Taipei, Azores Islands). The purpose of the workshop is to bring together the most recent results in laser wakefield acceleration, plasma wakefield acceleration, laser-driven ion acceleration, and radiation generation produced by plasma based accelerator beams. The last workshop was organized in Kardamyli, Greece by RAL in UK and USC in the United States, and brought together over 80 participants (http://cfp.ist.utl.pt/lpaw09/index.php). A distinctive feature of the workshop was the small number of formal talks and the large number or working group sessions. The 2011 workshop program will be following the same model.

The workshop will be overseen by an international advisory committee and a program committee that include many of the leading experts in the topics covered. Therefore most of the world leading research group will be represented. The workshop will be organized around five working groups:

  • 1) Laser Plasma Electron Acceleration (Experiment/Theory/Simulation)
  • 2) Radiation Generation and Application
  • 3) Laser Driven Ion Acceleration
  • 4) Plasma Wakefield Acceleration and Computational Methods
The working groups will be chaired by two (up to four) experts in the specific fields. The topics cover experiments, simulations and theory. As for the previous workshops, a special edition of Journal of Plasma Physics (Cambridge Journal) will serve as proceedings and will gather the essence of the results presented at the workshop, as well as the results that will emanate the five working groups. At the workshop a PhD Thesis Award will be given to the best thesis in the field. The prize is named after the father of the field, the late John M. Dawson, and represents an important recognition of the contribution to the field by a graduate student.

The workshop is now accepting registration and abstract submission. A workshop webpage will be available soon for registration and abstract submission. If there is any problem, please contact us at lpaw11@sjtu.edu.cn. We look forward to your participation in LPAW2011. Thank you!

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Jie Zhang, Workshop Chair
Dr. ZhengMing Sheng, Local organizing Chair
Dr. Wei Lu, Local organizing co-Chair


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