The detailed address of SJTU Minhang Campus is 800 Dongchuan Rd., Minhang, Shanghai, China.

There are two international airports in Shanghai, one is Hong Qiao, the other is Pu Dong. Each of them has 2 terminals (T1 and T2).

Hong Qiao Airport (SHA) is close to the downtown area, by taxi to the SJTU Minhang Campus is around RMB 90 (~15$).

Pu Dong Airport (PVG) is far away from the downtown, and usually it will take one-hour drive to the Minhang Campus. If taking taxi, it will cost about RMB 200 (~30$).

We highly recommend you to take a taxi, since it is very convenient from each airport and each terminal. The text in Chinese downloaded here can help the taxi driver bring you to SJTU Minhang Campus.

Please also note the following information when you are arranging your agenda:

1.    June 19 is the registration day, the registration desk will be set up inside the SJTU Minhang Campus and the accommodation will be arranged at the Academic Activities Center of SJTU.

2.    June 20 will be devoted to plenary talks at SJTU, and at about 7:00 pm of that day, all participants will be group transported to Wuzhen with the arrangement of LPAW2011 Local Organizing Committee.(about 1.5 hours)

3.    June 21-24 will be devoted to all other workshop events at Wuzhen. 

About Traveling: 

Because some participants are interested in visiting other places (such as Xi'an) than Shanghai, we will arrange a travel agency to take care it. All the cost including traveling, insurance, accommodation and so on will be covered by participants themselves. The details will be announced later.


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